Defend Clean Water

The federal government wants to silence your voice on projects affecting your water.

For nearly 50 years, the Clean Water Act has functioned as a partnership between federal, state, and Tribal governments, with strong public participation. Now, the federal government wants to revoke states’ and Tribes’ rights to protect drinking water, water for agriculture, and waterways from industrial pollution, dams, pipelines, municipal facilities, and wetland development that don’t comply with state laws.

The people behind this change hope it’s too complicated for us to understand. It’s not.

We broke it down for you. Learn precisely how this administration means to steal states’ and Tribes’ authority to protect their own water resources.

Don’t let Washington, D.C. make your clean water decisions for you.

Local engagement is essential to making sure the water that communities use for drinking, growing food, recreation, and other uses, is safe to use. That’s not a lot to ask.

But the federal government is planning to cut us out of the decision-making process. We can’t let that happen.